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Longs Peak

longs-peakHollister sent this photo of her great-grandfather and his friend “all the way up there, just chillin’ in their tweeds,” Longs Peak, 1915.

I love Longs Peak.


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Plaidies of the Week: The Sisters Hovey


hollister-hovey-living-roomIt was their Halloween costumes, a nod to There Will Be Blood, that first brought them to my attention. The sisters Hovey of Williamsburg, Brooklyn have curated an apartment of “taxidermy, militaria, Victorian library do-dads, [and] chesterfield couches” as Hollister laid out in a recent post on her blog. apartment


Many have referred to her obsession with Hemingway, but The New York Times nailed it, calling her aesthetic “decaying WASP-y, Teddy Roosevelt by way of John Derian.” Hollister’s blog speaks to my tweedy, genteel, professorial nature like a sermon on the mount.

a-weekends-purchasesPorter, a photographer with a sharp eye for texture has the innate ability to see beauty in the everyday as can be seen in her Polaroid Project: the floor of a bathroom, the leather-covered buttons of a chesterfield, a field of lavender.



lavenderIn the messy celebration of modernity, it’s nice to take a moment to appreciate a well-made classic. Please take a moment to pay respect to two of them, Hollister and Porter Hovey.


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Bye Bye Baby, It’s Been a Sweet Love.

Billy Powell, rest in peace. Powell’s solo begins at 3 minutes.


Photo c/o The New York Times.

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Down With the Tweed?

look61Compelled to share this photo because, it pertains to a prior post and it is virtually what I wore to work today.

This look, from the archives of Japanese clothier Nepenthes, perfectly embodies what I meant when I referred to wearing a down sweater vest with a suit jacket. By “less formal occasions,” I meant “sportier” ones.

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Scott Sternberg’s Stern Rules

scottsternberg-3Scott Sternberg of Band of Outsiders waxes poetic in Details Magazine‘s series “Rules of Style.” I’ve pored over the CFDA Award-winner’s musings a few times now, and my opinion has flipped back and forth so often that I assume he must be brilliant. I’ll say one thing: he’s right about airplane farts. Disgusting. See if you agree.scottsternberg-4


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Partners & Spade

hms-booze-cruiseThe half-brains, excuse me, half the brains behind J. Crew’s Tribeca Men’s Store, The Liquor Store, Andy Spade and Anthony Sperduti opened a new store on Great Jones Street this week that perfectly exemplifies my aesthetic. Partners & Spade, their shop of miscellanea curios large and small offers everything from vintage smut (look for Dude Magazine, my favorite) to a collection of toy alligators hitherto unseen. More photos available c/o Urban Daddy.



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Andrew Bird

birdOn heavy rotation in plaidland, Andrew Bird’s latest, Noble Beast, in particular “Masterswarm,” has made the dark days of winter a little brighter. And by the look of his Le Chameau boots, leather is with Mr. Bird as well.noble-beastBuy Noble Beast at your local record shop. As Nick Hornby will tell you, “Record stores can’t save your life. But they can give you a better one.”


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