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Bye Bye Baby, It’s Been a Sweet Love.

Billy Powell, rest in peace. Powell’s solo begins at 3 minutes.


Photo c/o The New York Times.


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Down With the Tweed?

look61Compelled to share this photo because, it pertains to a prior post and it is virtually what I wore to work today.

This look, from the archives of Japanese clothier Nepenthes, perfectly embodies what I meant when I referred to wearing a down sweater vest with a suit jacket. By “less formal occasions,” I meant “sportier” ones.

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Scott Sternberg’s Stern Rules

scottsternberg-3Scott Sternberg of Band of Outsiders waxes poetic in Details Magazine‘s series “Rules of Style.” I’ve pored over the CFDA Award-winner’s musings a few times now, and my opinion has flipped back and forth so often that I assume he must be brilliant. I’ll say one thing: he’s right about airplane farts. Disgusting. See if you agree.scottsternberg-4


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