Plaidies of the Week: The Sisters Hovey


hollister-hovey-living-roomIt was their Halloween costumes, a nod to There Will Be Blood, that first brought them to my attention. The sisters Hovey of Williamsburg, Brooklyn have curated an apartment of “taxidermy, militaria, Victorian library do-dads, [and] chesterfield couches” as Hollister laid out in a recent post on her blog. apartment


Many have referred to her obsession with Hemingway, but The New York Times nailed it, calling her aesthetic “decaying WASP-y, Teddy Roosevelt by way of John Derian.” Hollister’s blog speaks to my tweedy, genteel, professorial nature like a sermon on the mount.

a-weekends-purchasesPorter, a photographer with a sharp eye for texture has the innate ability to see beauty in the everyday as can be seen in her Polaroid Project: the floor of a bathroom, the leather-covered buttons of a chesterfield, a field of lavender.



lavenderIn the messy celebration of modernity, it’s nice to take a moment to appreciate a well-made classic. Please take a moment to pay respect to two of them, Hollister and Porter Hovey.


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5 responses to “Plaidies of the Week: The Sisters Hovey

  1. Mish

    “I think i have a crush on one of them. Ssshh.”

  2. Mish, don’t be shy! We’re both very friendly gals. And Max, so many thanks to you. We owe you drinks!

  3. Awww!! Just soo wonderful!!

  4. mP

    Thanks for the update.


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