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Un Moment de L’inspiration

jacques-grange-orange-watchbandI love this photo of famed interior designer Jacques Grange. Like a volcano of color, the terra cotta floods the bottom of the frame, and the spin art spouts liquid hot neons and pastels across the top. Notice that he wears very little color but for his ostentatious watch band, the perfect flash. I was particularly taken with the fact he managed to match his watch to his throw pillows. C’est parfait! Photo c/o The Selby.

Subconsciously, I really must be falling for blaze orange.

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Plaidy of the Week: Joanna Goddard

joannaalexjoanna001balloonI first became enamored with Joanna Goddard and her fantastic blogs, Cup of Jo and Glamour Magazine’s Smitten, this winter when her holiday shopping guides for the men in her life (1, 2, 3, & 4) won me over and may have saved my tail end a time or two. The sublime photos capturing Joanna and her fiancé, Alex, blissfully engaged were taken by LA photographer Max Wanger. From the looks of things, Alex is a lucky man. And, well, if you’ve ever read his writing, you might say Joanna’s a lucky plaidy, er… woman. Congratulations, you two! May 2009 be the first of many blessed years for you and yours.


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