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My Fall Look

ph 001After discovering the collection of glass plate negatives in the Flickr account of Sydney, Australia’s Powerhouse Museum of Science and Design, I’ve been toying with the notion of bringing back the moustache. But unlike the one I grew this winter, I would like to anchor my fall look with a ‘stache like Australia’s early settlers, long, thick, well-kempt. In my experience with facial hair, I allow the thing to grow until it becomes wiry, out-of-control, and then I trim it. I’d like someone’s advice regarding waxes, oils, or other products I might utilize to make mine a walrus.
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F.M. Allen

FMA 001
Discovered these photos of F.M. Allen’s new Franklin, Tennessee location on photographer Melanie McGaughey’s fantastic blog, The Velvet Trunk. If you’re unfamiliar with F.M. Allen, Miss McGaughey offers the following introduction:
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Factory Visit: Optimo Hats

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This summer, while audiences root for bad guy John Dillinger, famed Chicago bank robber, as he lives larger than life in Michael Mann’s latest blockbuster Public Enemies, I’ll be ogling his hats.

depp 002

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