Andrew Bird

birdOn heavy rotation in plaidland, Andrew Bird’s latest, Noble Beast, in particular “Masterswarm,” has made the dark days of winter a little brighter. And by the look of his Le Chameau boots, leather is with Mr. Bird as well.noble-beastBuy Noble Beast at your local record shop. As Nick Hornby will tell you, “Record stores can’t save your life. But they can give you a better one.”


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5 responses to “Andrew Bird

  1. Since you’re about the millionth person to recommend this album to me, I’m planning on hitting up V.V. on Friday. But I heard there was a cooler album cover, too…(usually I just iTunes it so if I am buying an actual album it better be cool lookin’).

    • plaidout

      Hey Colleen! I hope you bought the cooler album cover. The bonuses to buying that bad boy are endless: beautiful design, extra music, a poster and lyrics. Awesome.

  2. Ok, so I got the album, but Vintage only had the regular one. Which was ok, because then there was more $ for the new Animal Collective. I bought both of them for Andrew for V-day. And guess what he got me? Tickets for the AB concert in March. Kinda one-upped the cd, I guess! 🙂

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