F.M. Allen

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Discovered these photos of F.M. Allen’s new Franklin, Tennessee location on photographer Melanie McGaughey’s fantastic blog, The Velvet Trunk. If you’re unfamiliar with F.M. Allen, Miss McGaughey offers the following introduction:

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The company began life in 1947 when F.M. “Bunny” Allen moved from his native England to Kenya and began his professional hunter/safari guide service. Allen was one of the last great gentlemen hunters of Africa, and led safaris for everyone from Prince Aly Khan to H.R.H. the Prince of Wales to Mick Jagger. He is responsible for guiding the largest luxury safari of all time, leading a cast and crew of 500+ for John Ford’s 1953 masterpiece Mogambo.

FMA 003
When I visited their New York location on Madison Avenue, I marveled at the quality craftsmanship and selection. I’ve featured their version of the pelican belt in a post about casual belts, but theirs is a collection of all things essential to a well-traveled, continental man. Think Denys Finch Hatton; think Ernest Hemingway; think Sir Edmund Hillary; think of any member of The Explorers Club. Better yet, don’t think. Do.

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FMA 014For more on F.M. Allen, visit their website.


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3 responses to “F.M. Allen

  1. Visited the Madison Ave store last time I was in town and got to know one of the new owners of the brand. Very niche, very cool.

  2. JP

    I’m a big fan of F.M. Allen, they just have to be careful and not get too broad, too fast. They have an amazing heritage.

  3. Gina

    Come visit us and we’ll take you there 🙂

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