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Factory Visit: Optimo Hats

This summer, while audiences root for bad guy John Dillinger, famed Chicago bank robber, as he lives larger than life in Michael Mann’s latest blockbuster Public Enemies, I’ll be ogling his hats.


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Factory Visit: Pendleton Woolen Mills

Magnus Carstensen of Cophenhagen, Denmark stopped by Pendleton Woolen Mills’ factory in Portland, Oregon, and shared these photos with Sweden’s Très Bien Shop.


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Factory Visit: Crescent Down Works & The Red Wing Shoe Co.

Clint of The Constants Kept and Ryan of h(y)r collective have both taken some fantastic trips of late. Clint was able to spend the day at Seattle’s Crescent Down Works, maker of fine down-filled outdoors equipment. For the full story, … Continue reading


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Factory Visit: Quoddy Trail Moccasin

Pulling off I-95, the town of Lewiston hits my windshield with a thud. Cruising their main strip, I passed a chicken shack, a Burger King, and a slew of empty buildings. My directions read, “Look for ‘Maine Thread.’” Even with … Continue reading


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L.L. Bean’s Brunswick, Maine Factory

Walking into L.L. Bean’s factory in Brunswick, Maine feels exactly like it should. It smells of stale solvents; of tannery leathers oiled thick as an outfielder’s glove in mid-September; of raw canvas so heavy and fibrous that filaments cling to … Continue reading


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Things My Father Taught Me: Jay Carroll

While on my tours of L.L. Bean and Quoddy Moccasin in Maine this March, Mr. Jay Carroll of Rogues Gallery was sending me text messages from afar. In the midst of preparing last month’s pop-up shop, One Trip Pass, a … Continue reading

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Part II: L.L. Bean HQ

Leaving the factory in Brunswick, Foster and I agreed, we could’ve stayed there all day. It was awe-inspiring, but in order to get a fuller picture of Bean, I wanted to sit down with a few of the folks who … Continue reading


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Gitman Bros. Showroom

Last night, I visited the Gitman Bros. showroom in midtown Manhattan. Master shirtmakers of Ashland, Pennsylvania, they produce goods for brands as different as Thom Browne and Apolis Activism. Mr. Chris Olberding, their VP of sales, was kind enough to … Continue reading

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