Factory Visit: Pendleton Woolen Mills

pendleton 001Magnus Carstensen of Cophenhagen, Denmark stopped by Pendleton Woolen Mills’ factory in Portland, Oregon, and shared these photos with Sweden’s Très Bien Shop.Pendleton 007

Pendleton 008

Note the faded billboards for my beloved Stetson Hats, “The Hat of the West,” and for now defunct H Bar C California Ranchwear, named for pre-war era tailors Halpern and Christenfeld, makers of riding clothing.

Pendleton 002

Pendleton 003

Pendleton 006

Pendleton 005

Pendleton 004

Pendleton, perhaps best known as the origin of the wool plaid shirt, has been outfitting everyone from brawniest outdoorsmen to the most mellifluous musicians for eighty-five years.

PendletonesThe Beach Boys, once known as The Pendletones, perhaps the best clothing-inspired band name

Look for Pendleton, arriving soon to Sweden’s Très Bien Shop, and in finer American outfitters year-round.

Additional images c/o A Restless Transplant and Flickr.


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4 responses to “Factory Visit: Pendleton Woolen Mills

  1. *The Pendletones, the best clothing-inspired band name this side of Max & The Cummerbunds.

  2. i love those shirts. we love the same stuff.

  3. Interesting by confusing report. First photos are of the Portland Outdoor store which is an outdoor clothing store in Portland, Oregon, that sells Pendleton (and Filson and Barbour and Red Wing and western saddles). The actual Pendleton factory is located in Pendleton (Eastern) Oregon.

  4. It’s true, the first pictures are from downtown. The Outdoor Store is a treasure, an authentic, non-ironic piece of Stumptown history. The bottom pictures look like they are from the Pendleton Mill End Store, which is way in deep Southeast Portland, and another hidden gem of a stop. Highly recommended for anyone stopping through Portland. Even though it is out of the way, the store is very pretty and they have amazing sales as well as some discontinued/rare blanket styles and a little museum of Pendleton history. The factory store in the actual town of Pendleton (about 5 hours from Portland) is kind of a disappointment, as I was there recently looking for smoking deals and stacks of cool stuff (not to be found). My vote falls on the Mill End Store!

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