Things My Father Taught Me: Chris Olberding

In a conversation about our fathers, Chris Olberding of Gitman Bros. Vintage, shared some funny tidbits about his dad’s style. I asked him to send me an e-mail outlining the keys to his father’s style.


My father dressed in a style that was a cross between mid-80s sportswear/workwear with a touch of post-hippie throwbacks:

Picture 2 * Helly Hansen Windbreaker, Patagonia Stand-Up Shorts, original New Balance, usually worn with a heavy wool sock

Picture 3* 3 eyelet Lug-soled Timberland moccasins and always cuffed Levi’s 501s

Picture 4* Lee denim western shirt with snap buttons

Picture 5* Clogs while wearing his own crochet hand-knitted macramé sweater

Picture 9* White t-shirt, Carhartt duck pants with Red Wings

Gerry Jacket* Gerry puffer jacket

Picture 10* Always jeans with tweed sport jacket and turtleneck

mark_spitz_mark_spitz_4816188b16841* Speedo, a la Mark Spitz

– Chris Olberding, Gitman Bros. Vintage

All images curated by all plaidout

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