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Things My Father Taught Me: Max Wastler

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Waiting for everyone to unravel the red box, they began to lay into their approximation of the Old Spice theme: a series of “dunhs” which warbled into a version of “The Scottish Hymn” that was as rank as their after shave. Continue reading


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Things My Father Taught Me: James Wilson

There’s a reason I’ve been trying to get James to write something for me. One of the more impressive men I’ve ever met, he lives his life like he runs his site, clean and simple, and cool as a cucumber wedged in a Pimm’s Cup. I’m happy to report I managed to drag him out of his well-appointed Secret Fort just in time to share a few words on his father.


IMGThis isn’t about my father’s style necessarily, although he had it. Nor is this about what my father taught me, although that is plenty. It is, however, a complicated thing to sit and try to do this, in that it is certainly the first time since his passing that I have confronted the idea of actually writing about him, to sit and try to distill something succinct about what he was to me and what he left me with. I will try to keep it light. I apologize if I fail. Continue reading


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Things My Father Taught Me: Chris Olberding

In a conversation about our fathers, Chris Olberding of Gitman Bros. Vintage, shared some funny tidbits about his dad’s style. I asked him to send me an e-mail outlining the keys to his father’s style.


My father dressed in a style that was a cross between mid-80s sportswear/workwear with a touch of post-hippie throwbacks:

Picture 2 * Helly Hansen Windbreaker, Patagonia Stand-Up Shorts, original New Balance, usually worn with a heavy wool sock
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