A Tour of Russell Moccasin

Russell 001Coming this week, look forward to highlights from my tour of the Russell Moccasin factory in Berlin, Wisconsin.Russell 002Oh, and Go Packers!


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5 responses to “A Tour of Russell Moccasin

  1. grace

    max!! jealous of your factory tours!

  2. R4

    the original bad boys, i have a great vintage pair found in Milwaukee…great and well made like most things from WI.

  3. Looking forward to it with baited breath and muscled oar. Did you also get to Allen Edmonds in Wisconsin? Another great WI company.

  4. Liz

    This is totally me favorite new blog! Your factory tours are awesome…more, more more.

  5. Apologies for the delay. Sidelined with film issues, but just received the rolls from my beloved Creve Couer Camera of Saint Louis, Missouri. They’ve restored the photos to full glory. Piece on Russell to follow soon.

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