Lost Boys

lost-boys-000Lost Boys sits on a quiet street steps from the heart of Georgetown’s hectic M Street. A row house which formerly played host to a law firm has been converted by D.C. native Kelly Muccio into a smartly-outfitted menswear boutique.

lost-boys-001“I can’t tell you the hours I spent in Home Depot figuring out the plumbing for the garment racks,” Ms. Muccio told me during a recent visit.  Lining the racks are well-curated offerings from brands like Band of Outsiders, Rogan, Shipley & Halmos, and Steven Alan; I was galvanized.

lost-boys-003While the selections err on the side of conservative, Ms. Muccio’s been able to inject some style into our nation’s capitol. Lately, the store has received as much attention for the clothes as it has for the fact Kelly and crew serve beer, liquor, and sparkling water from Italy.

lost-boys-004“We probably go through a case a month… if that,” Kelly laughed. “People are coming here to shop not to drink beer.”

lost-boys-005The Rogan “Altar.”

Muccio likes to combine the rough and the delicate, like flowers and chains. Even the store’s name nods to both the whimsical characters of J.M. Barrie’s most famous novel and Joel Schumacher’s late eighties rough and tumble vampire flick.

lost-boys-006Lost Boys offers personal shopping as well. Ms. Muccio and her staff can help you prepare for a hot date or provide a full style upgrade. Around the shop hang framed photos of real Washingtonians post-visit to “The Style Bar.”

If you’re in the neighborhood, definitely stop by Lost Boys. Crush a brew and pick up some high quality denim while you’re at it.

For more on Lost Boys and Kelly Muccio, see the write-up by Valet’s Cory Ohlendorf at men.style.com.


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4 responses to “Lost Boys

  1. Lost Boys – terribly terrific name for a men’s store!

  2. Jake

    I think it’s a little played out to go to Home Depot and get Plumbing pipes. It’s only done in 10 million stores accross North America. Cheap, un-original and pretty ugly. You should try a little harder. This store looks like a knock-off of at least 30 other shops accross the US and Canada that probably opened 5 to 10 years before. It’s sad when people just copy and turn a certain “easthetic” into a formulaic environment.

  3. Wow, Jake. I understand what you’re saying, but do you understand those 30 other shops aren’t in DC?

  4. Morgan

    maybe Jake should look beyond the plumbing and check the spelling of aesthetic first before opening his yap

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