Custom Quoddy Trail Canoe Mocs Handmade in Maine

canoe-015Canoe Moccasin

– Brown Cromexcel Leather
– Nickle Eyelets
– 38″ Red Rawhide Laces
– Red Brick Camp Sole
– Natural Handsewing
– Full Deerskin Lining

Lined “after eyelets are inserted so deerskin comes up behind lacing and eyelets don’t touch Max’s instep on the inside!”

Last Used: M10.5 E











canoe-001For more see Flickr.


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28 responses to “Custom Quoddy Trail Canoe Mocs Handmade in Maine

  1. very cool, i want a pair.

  2. reteptterrab

    Wow, I’ve seen fewer photos of someone’s newborn baby!

    Those are very nice!

  3. blax

    So so so ill. I need a pair of those. Beautiful!


  4. heck yeah, those are great Max, and quick too. I caved and picked up the black/red blucher from South Willard.

  5. max-imum respect for your choice in bespoke footwear sir
    enjoy either looking at them or wearing them !!

  6. green green with envy! I dare to ask if they are as comfy as they look…

  7. Romeo Vela

    Genius. I have a pair of Rogues Gallery mocs that are un-wareable because the laces dig into the top part of my foot.

  8. Mike

    They look beautiful

  9. I gotta say I’m digging the red soles, very unique.

  10. Those are stunning. And a fast turn around as well.

  11. Warnke

    Are the laces actually more of a shade of brown, or red in a similar shade as the brick sole?

  12. Nice Max, very nice.

  13. Scotty

    Congrats. Those are beautiful. Love love love the red brick sole.

  14. ESTAN VESTIAL ESOS!! i been checking them 4 a while now.

  15. This is American manufacturing at its best.

  16. Not gonna lie, those are most righteous my friend. Looks like that site visit paid off… Keep up the good work.

  17. Love that red brick sole.

    Is this a “privileged” custom order or something Quoddy will do for any customer (mix and matching soles, leather types, etc).


  18. How wonderful to have something so personal and pristine. I can just imagine the quickening heartbeat as the parcel is opened, and the excitement when the realisation is made that they are even better than expected. Most envious.

  19. Handsewn in Maine…they will be mine.

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  21. those are so perfect! it is items like this that make me wish i were a boy. pulling off menswear is difficult without looking ironic or just silly. i think it’s a better idea in theory. i always dream of looking like brett ashley but probably look more as a small girl in my dad’s clothes. also, i feel like craftsmanship is valued much more in menswear, with the brief exception of haute couture.

  22. The deer skin lining makes the moc. Brilliant.

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  24. donald dykas

    where oh where do i buy the quoddy canoe moc in brown leather……….seems impossible to locate

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