Randolph Engineering

rePhoto c/o A Restless Transplant

A few years ago, fed up with losing expensive frames to the bottom of some lake or river every summer, I sought out a pair of affordable aviators worn by, well, aviators. At $90, Randolph Engineering’s stylish frames are hands down the best sunglasses money can buy.  They offer both mineral glass and polycarbonate lenses, and they are all at least 98% UV protective. I’ve dropped the Sportsmans (pictured, above) in a Maine snowbank, while crossing Park Avenue, and on the gravel path at the National Mall, and they are still in tact, a scratch here or there – nothing more. And while, yes, I lost a pair of the Aviators last summer at the bottom of Lake Skenonto, prior to their death, RE sent me two other sizes to test as the ones ordered were two sizes too large for my narrow melon. They have a great warranty, an excellent customer service department, and they’re made in the United States of America.

sportsmanThe verdict is still out on the Sportsmans. I am not usually a fan of the brow bar, but leaving them out in the sun this weekend, I began to appreciate an element of its function: sear-prevention. With frames like the Concorde, the potential for the metal to warm up and burn the skin is higher than with a pair like the Sportsmans. I will most likely wear these every day this summer, that is until the Lady of the Lake gets her hands on my REs.

Michael Bastian is a fan.

As is Nick of ATG.

As is Ryan of h(y)r collective.

As is Cory of Valet.

As is James of Secret Forts.

As are the folks at Selectism.

Nuff said? No? Ok, one more:

As is Jonathan of Material Interest.


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12 responses to “Randolph Engineering

  1. David

    Honest to freakin’ God, I was just checking out the Randolph site just before I clicked over to this blog. That’s freaky.

    I’m thinking of getting the Aviators in matte chrome with Bayonet stems.

  2. nakedundermyclothes

    these are dope..plus if all these fly cats endorse i am all over them.

    also digging the flannel above, who is it by?


  3. Colby

    Love the brow bar.

  4. Ryan

    Love the mustache.

  5. Great recommendation…a great alternantive to Ray-Ban aviators.

  6. sam

    yeah i think the brow bar is what makes these so sick… plus the brand logo isn’t as annoyingly prominent as on the ray bans

  7. I and subsequently Gear Patrol are also fans.

  8. Nice sunglasses.

    Also, you are living proof that the mustache can be awesome. Look for me to go mustache only in the next week or two.

  9. love, love, love this photo.
    love the mustache (super hot!), love your sense of fashion.
    i’d love to do a portrait of you, anytime soon.

  10. These will actually be carried at catbird (in brooklyn) starting next week.

    I am still on the fence about the Sportsman, seeing as how we sell mostly to the ladies of the BK. But maybe I’ll add some in for the dudes

  11. Emkay

    Great photo. Lookin’ sharp.

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