Hockey Plaid

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“Maybe we can get away with the old ones after all.”





In middle school, while other boys dreamt of becoming the next Michael Jordan or Ozzie Smith, I wanted to be Bob Costas. I admired sportscasters like Jim McKay, Marv Albert, and Jack Buck for their ability to spin a trivial sporting event into a life-altering moment with drama tantamount to Shakespeare. I also admired the ones who didn’t take themselves too seriously.

Affectionately known as Mr. Baseball, Bob Uecker with his garish jackets, his Wrestlemania appearance, and of course his short-lived acting career, takes the cake. A Milwaukee institution, he was honored by minor league hockey team The Admirals with “Bob Uecker Night” reviving a jersey once seen in a team commercial featuring Mr. Uecker.

The Baseball Almanac has a comprehensive listing of his classic quotes.12


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6 responses to “Hockey Plaid

  1. Ben

    I love zany minor league promotions. I grew up going to Admirals games and this made me smile.

  2. drinkinanddronin

    OH MY GOD. You were totally spot on. When you told me about this at the weird turkish/goth belgian bar, I couldn’t really picture it. It totally surpassed what I thought it could look like.

  3. I can’t say I’ve ever heard of Bob Uecker before, but I’ve generally chosen my favorite sports teams based on their uniforms. Therefore, this is now my favorite team of all time.

  4. J. Scott

    You may want to check out the unique style of Don Cherry (not the trumpeter). He’s a Canadian icon.

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