SeaVees: Your Vote Counts


As a general rule, blogger polls don’t work. May this case be the exception. I am in a pickle, and I need your help.


I have counted all the coins in the piggy bank, and I am ready to invest in some fun summer footwear.

Derek Galkin and Steven Tiller of SeaVees, a California-based footwear company, were granted full access to the Pantone archives. Pantone, started in September 1963, set the standard for communicating color-correctness, and the world — literally everyone from the designer to the producer to the consumer — is forever indebted to their series of colored fan books.


Using the original fan book from 45 years ago, Mr. Galkin and Mr. Tiller have put together a handsome, timeless collection of shoes aptly named, 09/63, in honor Pantone’s creation. The collection, they say “epitomizes the cool, casual style of California in 1963,” hence, my plea.


I’ve mulled it over long and hard since first learning about SeaVees courtesy of Mr. Williams’ write-up on Selectism. Their shoes are thoughtfully made with a care and precision heretofore unseen in casual footwear. The front of the shoe, the vamp, is made of sueded leather, and the sides, the quarters, are made of canvas dyed-to-match. With sueded leather insoles and lining, waxed cotton laces, and a herringbone siping on the bottom, the outsole, these aren’t Vans Authentics, and they won’t wear out as quickly either. At $125, they are an investment, but one worth every penny, hence, my piggy bank.

I’ve narrowed it down to three colorways, and I invite input of any kind as I venture towards a decision.


Apart from the t-shirt I was given as a proud member of the Tiger Cubs, I never owned anything orange growing up. Since writing about blaze orange, I’ve slowly begun incorporating this happy marriage of red and yellow into my wardrobe. I own a cashmere scarf, documented quite well by Foster Huntington and a camel-colored duffel coat that has been lined with a canvas the hue of a harvest moon. I am seriously considering SeaVees’ PMS170.


Again, harkening back to my younger days, my first pair of Chuck Taylors were an intoxicating turquoise. It is a color I wear often. I own OCBDs, polo shirts, and t-shirts in this color. This is my flash, my bling, my go-to-hell. On a typical day, SeaVees’ PMS322 are a lock.


The dark horse candidate, while pale yellow is a color I wear often (I’ve worn pale yellow polo shirts since birth), it strikes me as too weak a color for footwear. I like my kicks to be grounded in something strong. I find myself most often attracted to a hard white canvas or a bold color. The PMS587 have the look and feel of skin tone, albeit that of Bart Simpson, but with the right amount of wear and tear, these suckers could be the dirty buck I’ve always longed for: the perfect balance of shock and awe.

To recap, the PMS170 blaze orange, the PMS322 turquoise, and the PMS587 pale yellow, are your choices. Any insight, opinions, or psychological analysis are welcome. I would love it if someone quoted Kandinsky. If you’re uncomfortable leaving a comment, you can cast your vote via e-mail, plaidout [at] gmail [dot] com, or via Twitter.

I will tally the votes and report the outcome in a timely and efficient manner. The polls are now open. The line starts to the left. Coffee and donuts to the right.

Check out SeaVees blog, Worthy.


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40 responses to “SeaVees: Your Vote Counts

  1. The Dude

    Oddly, 391 and 170 seem the most versatile, which is what I’m all ’bout. So I guess that’s two votes for 170. Where’s my doughnut?

  2. 433 or 322

    partial to blue

  3. Emkay

    Blaze Orange. Do it. Do it.

  4. I’d go blaze orange. Tiger cubs for life.

  5. Memphis88

    Go with the 322s. The orange ones are more UT Vol orange than blaze orange and that is something I could never endorse.

  6. mark

    I vote for the 433s.

  7. I’m going to be fearless and come out for the 587. This color yellow will be challenging, but in the best way possible. Your first two choices are more limiting in that you’ve already thought of exact outfits to wear with them. Especially the orange. I say this particular yellow allows you to branch out and the color is subtle enough to be worn with a variety of other bold colors and still make the shoe the key element in your outfit. Good luck deciding!

  8. Kurt

    If the shoes really are supposed to evoke California, then stick with muted cool colors–the sandy, sun-bleached look (i.e, 433 and 427). The whole GTH clothing concept is a Northeast thing, I think. But to each his own.

  9. ellen

    i’m going to go for the underdog too and pick the light yellow. i agree it will be challenging but also the most interesting choice.

  10. Fran

    My first instinct is 433, but may be a little boring considering the idea is Color!. So I’d go with 170. It’s daring, but I think orange can still function as a neutral when done right.

  11. erin

    Pms 322. They are bold. They are beautiful.

  12. Joben

    In reference to the PMS587 Seavees, you’ve noted that “with the right amount of wear and tear, these suckers could be the dirty buck I’ve always longed for.” If this is your holy grail for what you want out of your feet and your footwear, then you owe it to yourself to go after the aspiration whenever it presents itself.

    In other words, I vote for PMS587, officially.

  13. Blake

    PMS170, Orange

  14. Pale yellow. Totally agree w/ thecrookedclef.

  15. christopher

    1st: 391
    2nd: 322
    3rd: tretorn nylites

  16. PlaidBird

    I vote orange.

  17. i’m a pale yellow kinda girl

  18. rita

    I go with the dark horse – pale yellow.

  19. Chris F

    Do we get to have a poll to decide which doughnuts are to the right? I could go for glazed or a boston cream, or even some doughnut holes…hmmmmm….

    oh, the Shoes….Blazing Orange is my vote. That color is the perfect accent for most outfits. With yellow looks jaundice and “Almost without exception, blue refers to the domain of abstraction and immateriality.” Orange is the only way to go!

  20. Rinehart18

    I’m partial to the green…but since that isn’t in the running, I’ll go with turquoise. I think the yellow shoes are a bit weak.

  21. Joben

    Remember, “yellow always radiates spiritual warmth.” What’s more, “[o]range is red brought nearer to humanity by yellow.” In short, orange would be nothing if it weren’t for yellow.

  22. Chris

    Blue, all the way.

  23. Gina

    As your cousin, I vote 170, even though it reminds me of UT (University of Tennessee) orange. It screams fun and adventurous. Both of which describe you perfectly. Just my two cents. . .

  24. The orange pulled away at the end winning by three votes. I will order a pair and report back. Promise.

  25. well,if I were buying them, I’d have to go for Orange, Blue, Yellow, Green and Purple. So I guess Orange is my first vote.
    You can see my DM collection (and Kickers) on my blog.

  26. Of those three, the 587.

    Although I like the 433 the most of all of ’em – they’d look great with a pair of khakis.

  27. You KNOW you want the aqua ones. The orange and purple are quite nice as well. The orange ones will pop, but not like the aqua. the purple is subtle, but unexpected.

  28. Am I too late?

    If not, my vote will always go yellow. The shade looks great with denim, which I’m guessing is what they’ll be next to most of the time.

  29. Yes, I was definitely too late. But if you ask me to vote for fashion, I will always come through.

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