Free & Easy: Apolis Activism

freeeasy-apolis2The headquarters for Apolis Activism are featured in Japanese publication Free & Easy this month. The entire issue is devoted to interiors. While flipping through the issue on the 6 train, today, I was thrilled to see Shea Parton’s handsome mug just hangin’ out in their brick lair.

Pick up a copy of Free & Easy at Context Clothing.


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3 responses to “Free & Easy: Apolis Activism

  1. You just gotta love Kinokuniya Bookstore… The Japanese have been doing it the best lately… Such a great selection of fashion books and magazines amongst others. Nice post!

  2. You just gotta love the APOLIS brothers Shea and Raan….These guys are the real deal, big ups to the Traction Ave Fam! And if you havent heard about APOLIS you must not be into fashion, dont sleep.

  3. The current Lightning is worth a look too, a massive 15th anniversary issue (over 600 pages). Mister Freedom x Sugar Cane, Sun Surf Hawaiian shirts, a West Coast roadtrip report, Real McCoys illustrated catalogue, some really nice vintage and premium denim, a handy Japanese Burger restaurant guide…Amazing issue, their best for months.

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