Writer Style

Nerd Boyfriend is no nerd at all. A recent discovery, I hope we’ll see NB tackle the stylings of some of my favorite writers.

In no particular order:


HotchHemHotchner, Hemingway
















Special thanks to AB, DC, and MP for their assistance in the compilation and to Covenger + Kester for sharing Nerd Boyfriend.


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14 responses to “Writer Style

  1. pieter

    You have to do a piece on Steinbeck and Fitzgerald!!! Esp. steinbeck. I just finished “travels w/Charlie”

  2. joe

    …when did we decide to STOP dressing like gentlemen?

  3. I’m going to buy me a suit.
    Right this moment.

  4. Pieter, I may. It’s a great idea. I’d actually rather see what Nerd Boyfriend is able to do.

    Joe, the approximate date is 9 February 1964, at 8 p.m. EST.

    Sean, you liar.

  5. Good one, very good one. That pic of Faulkner is a classic. If you do an update be sure to check out Dashiell Hammett and VS Naipaul, who, though an awful prick, had some sartorial class. I love this photo of him.

  6. My vote goes to Hemingway. Maybe not as classy as some of the others, but he even had style when he wasn’t wearing a shirt.

  7. if we could all be like Kerouac.

    was Thompson tripping at that moment?

  8. Great post Max. My three favorite pictures (in very specific order) are Faulkner, Kerouac, and Twain.

    I really can’t get enough of that Faulkner pic. So classic.

  9. Mike

    Can’t get enough of that Faulkner suit, he is the man. I’ve always hated Wolf’s style and Coward looks like a hilarious arsehole with all that make up.

  10. Good coverage and depth. I’m glad to see that people are discussing such topics and highlighting some classic pieces of literature…not to mention their the obvious emphasis on their timeless styles.

  11. these are great! here is another similar image of faulkner while in residence at (my alma mater) uva. taken the same day, perhaps?

    enjoy your blog. keep up the great work!

  12. Awesome post! I love seeing many of the writers I cherish and admire so much and the fantastic style that they had… Inspiring!

  13. Joben

    This should’ve been titled “Writers Smartly Dressed.” It’s a pun and it’s fantastic.

    Also, the post is terribly lopsided toward twentieth-century writers. Twain and Proust being the two exceptions, though, as bi-centurians, even they wrote in the 1900s. Some ruffles (e.g., Shakespeare) or a tunic (think Homer) would’ve rounded out the list.

  14. Aaron, thank you for the suggestions. Both men are very stylish, and you’re right, Naipaul was a prick.

    Trip, did you see Foster’s post on The Fat of the Land?

    Beh, methinks there were few moments when Mr. Thompson was not tripping. That’s an affirmative, my boy.

    Conor, it really is a beautiful photo. I wish I dressed as well as Faulkner.

    Mike, it’s been said Coward was never seen without his makeup in later years. Shameful really. Such a charming man.

    TSE, my sentiments, sir.

    Mr. St. Denis, thank you so much for sharing!

    Adam, thank you for checking in!

    Andy, agreed, Socrates had mad skillz. Did you see Bill & Ted’s?

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