In Defense of: Overalls

Overalls NewmanNewman

Overalls FondaFonda



Overalls de Kooningde Kooning

overalls-chouinard-equipmentChouinard Equipment

Overalls San FranciscoFor more evidence see:

On the Daily. And again.

The Pursuit Aesthetic.


Reference Library.

The Sartorialist.


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18 responses to “In Defense of: Overalls

  1. JP

    I love a good overall- for work.

    Guess Jeans came close to killing it forever in the late ’80s, early ’90s. Remember? The pretty boys out at the dance club with one strap unlatched doing the electric slide.


  2. unfortunately, overalls have a different stigma today. check out this dude rockin’ overalls.

  3. The Dude

    Observing the few instances where overalls are acceptable is one thing. To advocate their stylish-ness is another.

    • Dude, agreed. I’ve not worn overalls since I was very young, and even then, it was only to work outside. Curious: do you see a resurgence as a “bad thing?”

      Mr. Fox, as always, brilliant call. Mary Zophres has long been a hero of mine.

      Foster, when first I saw that guy, I thought, “Awesome,” but the more I examine the photo, the more I think that guy is so behind the times. Does this thing read sarcasm?

      JP, for work. Exactly. Never dug the asymmetrical Guess? business.

  4. Clinton

    Is this the next logical step in the ongoing workwear trend? Are skinny overalls on the horizon?

  5. You should come over to Clemson South Carolina on a home football game and revel in all the orange, white, and orange and white striped overalls you’ll see.


  6. Conor, who makes those things? I’ve been dying to go to a southern university football game ever since I dated a nutty Auburn grad… “War Eagle!” The alumni gatherings on Saturdays were always great. I can imagine going to the games would be the best time!

  7. Hah, just saw this post. I actually did end up getting those EG overalls. I’ve worn them a few times since. Only once for physical labor, but next time I got a wall to paint or a table to make, you can bet they’ll be on.

  8. Yes, games are always a great time (except when you have to work during one).

    This is one of the makers, I’m not sure if they make all of the overalls here though.


  9. Sorry to upset your sensibilities Max.

    You should come down (or up, I’m not really sure where you are) for a game sometime, and we’ll find you a pair made by a better company.


  10. oshkoshbgosh overalls

    i wore those early grade school days

    you can as dirty as you want on the playground in those

  11. D in TX

    Thanks for the post. I was wearing my 20+yr old pair of Big Mac Hickory Stripes just yesterday. They were my gramp charlies and i’ll probably still have them when i’m a gramps. They are super soft and comfy and have a great big bib pocket – excellent for keeping glasses or beer bottle when you need your hands! Thanks, D

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