idaftI spent much of this Sunday perfecting my version of “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.” Click here, waste your day.

Check your work with the original.

Special thanks to simplesinger for alerting me to this. Also, forever indebted to AW for introducing me to Daft Punk when I was a wiry freshman with an unfortunate penchant for glow sticks. A, I still have my helmet stored somewhere.daft


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4 responses to “iDaft

  1. hahahaha…glowsticks.

    and i love this thing…passed it on to a daft punk uber fan friend of mine and he couldn’t get enough.

  2. The Dude

    over ever hour after harder work is stronger more than.

    Can’t get enough. Stupendous find!

  3. If you actually do have a helmet stored, please find it and share with your readers. It might make my day.

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