Board It, Naturally

hobieIn honor of my buddy ET who’s driving to Boulder, Colorado today, I had to post this photo of snowboarder Hobie Chittenden that James at 10Engines threw up. Plaid man, all natural fibers, dude must just shred. The work gloves seal the deal. All natural fibers. I couldn’t do it.


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5 responses to “Board It, Naturally

  1. JP

    That’s a serious patina he has going on them jeans!

  2. anyone w an old xbox copy of Amped?? roll through the characters… hobie is an icon. style for miles.

  3. Stephanie

    Patina seems to be the rage….

  4. Serious patina! Ha!

    Hobie’s an idol! Absolutely.

    Stephanie, it does seem to be the rage. With good reason, no?

  5. David Miller

    Hobie, are you originally from Sodus, N.Y?

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