senatorsACL knocks another one out of the park with his selection of ball caps from the Cooperstown Collection. You can bet I will proudly sport these puppies at Citi Field this June when my beloved Cardinals come to town.

That. Ball. Is. Gone! browns

St. Louis Browns, 1952-53

cardinalsSt. Louis Cardinals, 1942

Images c/o The LIFE Archive and


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9 responses to “Pastime

  1. You’re a Cards man? I knew you were good people. I grew up outside of STL.

  2. Oh no!…after all these posts I thought we were friends! GO CUBS!

  3. Cory: God’s country.

    Ryan, full disclosure, I’ve only recently rekindled my loyalty. For a number of years, Andre Dawson was my favorite player.

  4. Colby

    I am a little disappointed with the Reds collection. It seems like every other team has cool hats but my own!

  5. Glad you’ve found your way home, Max. 🙂

  6. Always, Colleen. Always.

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