George Girdler: Motorcycle Cowboy

Judging from childhood photos, my earliest career aspirations could easily be summed up in one word: cowboy. Rarely was I without my black 4X Beaver Stetson, Dan Post boots, Rodeo Champion belt buckle, and a pair of cap guns at my hip. Tooling around the LIFE archives, I came across George Silk’s photos of Mr. George Girdler, wild horse hunter of Australia. I call him The Motorcycle Cowboy.






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6 responses to “George Girdler: Motorcycle Cowboy

  1. Chris

    This is amazingly badass.

    • Thank you, JP. I’m going to post one of your recent articles first thing tomorrow. Your blog is an inspiration.

      Colby, me too, pretty much all around. Southeast Kansas, check. Farm chores, check. My story’s slightly different. Old war hero and client of my father’s Farmer Eldo used to let my brother and I feed the livestock and shuck an ear of corn here and there.

      And Chris, yessir. BA to the Max!

  2. Colby

    Those picks are incredible. I would also have to say that my first career choice was a cowboy, which ended around the age of 10. My family is originally from southeast Kansas. On the weekends I would visit my grandparents and my Papa would take me along to our family ranch at 6AM to do all the chores. I had a great cowboy hat, flannels shirts, wranglers, and boots that I would wear out there. Great pics, great post.

  3. these are a maxing max. great find.

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