Saddle Shoes


saddle-shortsAs a little boy, I wore navy and white saddle shoes. Since then, I have owned several different variations on the saddle, usually of the dirty bucks persuasion.

The Fairchild Dictionary of Fashion defines the saddle oxford or saddle shoe as a “sport or school shoe usually made of white buck calf with a brown or black leather “saddle” shaped section over the middle of the shoe. Usually made with rubber soles, it has been a basic style since the 1920s, very popular in the 1940s, and still worn.”

Until seeing these photos, I associated the white saddle shoe with toddlers in sailor suits, cheerleaders in bobby socks, and Cybil Shepherd’s Jacey in The Last Picture Show. Now, thanks to The Pursuit Aesthetic, I want a pair of the whites.

Here are a few variations on the theme:

bass G.H. Bass


Alyasha Owerka-Moore for Adidas Originals

red-brick-soulRed Brick Soul by Mark McNairy


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20 responses to “Saddle Shoes

  1. Saddles were featured pretty prominently in Ralph Lauren’s stuff last spring/summer. I think white with navy saddle is pretty great. The key here, I believe, is socklessness.

  2. Memphis88

    I really like the Red Brick Soul versions. I agree with Trip about the socklessness. I try to be sockless as much as possible, though.

  3. Memphis88

    Just saw J Crew has some good-looking ones too.

  4. Richard

    I have a two pairs of Ralph Lauren’s Saddle Shoes and wear them all the time ,but with socks.I would like to get a pair of Red Brick Soul Saddle Shoes .Where can I buy them.

    • Richard, that is a great question. According to ACL, your best bet is to request your local purveyor of menswear to stock them.

      Memphis, who was it that said “Give me socklessness or give me death?” Oh right, that was me. Ankle it!

      Trip, one key is the socklessness. Another key is the heavy cuff. And still another key is the Joaquin-ready beard the model sports.

  5. Any of the khaki on brown colorways don’t seem soda-shop-ish enough to properly get the wink of the look across.

    If you’re gonna saddle up, the Audrey Horne-like black/dark blue on white seems the boldest choice for a guy right about now.


    • Will, I agree.

      And Mr. 2gether, I am looking forward to spring’s arrival also, but I’m fairly certain my inseam won’t rise above 9″ this summer. Just a guess.

  6. now u make me want a pair, to go with short shorts. please come now, spring

  7. Those look great. I think I may have to pick up a pair this year.

  8. Saw a few pairs of plain white bucks at Footsie’s last night. (No socks.)

    And loafers. I’m not feeling the loafers.

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  10. Richard J

    I own 4 pairs of RL saddles, which seem to be the best quaility you can get today. I also own 2 pairs of Alden saddles – black and white and brown and white – that I got in the early 80s in a store in Princeton, NJ. They were a stock item in the store but they were custom ordered by the owner and they are true classics built on the same last as the dress saddles sold by Alden today. Unfortnately, we’ll probably never see them again in the white versions.

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  12. Richard

    Too, all you can find R.L. saddle shoes on discount at half price at Grapevinehill discount shoes & boots. hope this help someone here.

  13. Try Muffy’s! I’m about to order from them now, but seems like the best deal for a variety of straightforward, old-fashioned saddle shoes.

  14. parker stahura

    how do you buy these exact saddles. ive been looking for a light tan with a dark brown and a redish sole, with those thin laces. Where could i buy these.

  15. Richard

    Try, Muffy’s

  16. Richard

    Parker Stahura ,take a look at the beige & Brown (aka) soap& saddle with Red crepe sole #sm-108 Price$99.00 at Muffy’s

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