Secret Forts

“This collection of things is me. And this is my secret fort.” – Jamessecret-fortsIf Steve Zissou’s crew took over filming for History Channel’s Ax Men, James from Secret Forts would be their foreman. Last night, I had the distinguished pleasure of meeting the man and the woman behind him, and could not help but marvel at his get-up. With his bushy beard, red cap au Zissou, large-framed pair of Lemtosh, heavy navy shawl collar cardigan, Engineered Garments Chambray, garment dyed jeans, a pair of Desert Boots, and a well-worn Filson Tin Cloth, another onlooker said it best, “you look like your blog.” And a smart-looking blog it is.


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6 responses to “Secret Forts

  1. Required daily reading. Always on point.

  2. slamb and plamb – agree….

  3. which toque is that? out of curiosity

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