Longwing & Bubble Gum

Traditional fellow, Longwing endorsed all plaidout recently, and I couldn’t be more thrilled!

Of his most recent posts, I was particularly impressed with his inclusion of bubble gum pink; much like Go to Hell Pants, it’s standard in an Ivy League wardrobe.

pink-jacketThis jacket would look great on a bike!

pink-shetlandAny time someone gives me hell for my Bazooka Joe Shetland, I direct them to Mr. Tim Matheson in 1978’s Animal House; “You still wanna show me your cucumber?”mathesonKeep hammerin’ out the hits, Longwing!


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3 responses to “Longwing & Bubble Gum

  1. I wish that I had gotten a pink sweater, but I’m affraid that that orangy thing is the closest I could come while still preserving my masculinity.

    Thanks for the feature. You will certainly be rewarded in very small ways.

  2. componentsofenthusiasm

    Love that color. Super preppy, super classic. Thanks for the heads up.

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