Beauty and the Beard


Looking a bit like Kevin Kline’s Lear, Umit Benan’s model could not be more well-suited, pardon the pun, to the look of his debut line, which showed at Pitti Uomo earlier this month. High quality fabrics like cashmere and Sea Island cotton went into these gruff, rough, and tough-looking garments. Mr. Benan’s taken a fresh approach by flipping the fabrics so the good stuff’s all inside. As he’ll tell you, “What you see is not what you get.” For more on Mr. Benan and the beard, check out Material Interest. Thanks to Jake Davis for alerting me to this terrific new designer and his beautiful line. Mr. Benan can be see on the left in the last photo.

Notice the fit of the DBs. The topcoat, with its single row of buttons, is a work of art.












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6 responses to “Beauty and the Beard

  1. Nice stuff, though I don’t get the tights.

  2. it’s all so great-looking!

  3. all good – great in fact – except those leggings/long johns/tights jobbers. um…no.

  4. Haley

    i think the tights look great layered under ripped jeans – a friend of mine surprised me w/ this the other day, kind of grunge maybe? (plus, they keep you’re legs warm)

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