Fundamentals of Shaving

shave-3Since receiving my shave at Freemans on Sunday, my skin has never felt better. In researching the best way to keep this fresh feeling, today, I came across Geo F Trumper’s “The Fundamental Principles of Wet Shaving.” More than anything, I can’t get over how well-written it is. With meticulously written phrases like, “making the hairs stand proud,” and “Massaging the skin food against the growth of the beard also helps to lift the beard in readiness for the lather,” how could I not trust Trumper’s with my face? You can find their products at Freemans or you can buy direct. I’ve really enjoyed the scent of the GFT Range this winter.



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3 responses to “Fundamentals of Shaving

  1. You also might find some benefit from my ‘how to shave properly’ videos on Youtube (at website link).

  2. Who did your shave at FSC? I frequent FSC for a nice cut and shave and love the job Shorty does. Have you been to the new location yet?

    • Top Hats, I have had Shorty Maniace give me a shave twice before. Joey performed it. I love the Horatio Street location. It reminds me of home. Their location on Rivington Street has become like a second home, though. It’s tough to leave.

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