The Bow Tie Project: Day Four

After three days wearing a bow tie to work, never having worn a bow tie to work before, people grew suspicious. We had a company-wide meeting at which the bow tie became a central “talking point.” For the rest of the day, the bow tie – not the man – became the center of attention. No one saw me. I’d been replaced by a glittering, gold and navy bow tie. Today’s lesson learned, if you wear a bow tie too many days in a row, and you’re not known for wearing bow ties, it will become the focus.

Bow Tie Project, Outfit, Day Four

Bow Tie Project, Outfit, Day Four

Bow Tie Project, Tie, Day Four

Bow Tie Project, Tie, Day Four

Tie, Brooks Brothers

Shirt, Brooks Brothers, Vintage

Khaki Pants, Pre-Drexler J. Crew, circa 1997, 1998

Blazer, Wimbledon Racquet Club, Lord & Taylor, 1997

Argyle Socks, Drexler-Era J. Crew, Fall 2006

Shoes, Florsheim, Wingtip, Vintage

Watch, Timex Perpetual Calendar, Watch Band, Cordovan Leather, Central Watch, Grand Central Station c/o Ace Salesman, Steve Kivel


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3 responses to “The Bow Tie Project: Day Four

  1. Mish

    Every meeting needs a focus which is not the focus of the meeting!

    You’re an unsung hero.

  2. plaidout

    Well, this hero’s begging for a song! Is that asking too much?

  3. Hey, I hear ya. I get really odd attitude from others when I wear a bowtie to work. One guy even got a little hostile and started off his tirade with “Oh sure, you stand there in your bow tie…” What’s that all about?

    Bow tie resentment. It’s more common than you think.

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